Dear friends, journalists and supporters

We are very happy to share with you the information about the upcoming release on Kashev Tapes. SONIC RESISTANCE. A Compilation For Rojava started off in the cooperation with Oramics collective, with mastering done by Rey KM Domurat / Uferlos Studios.

Pre-order of SONIC RESISTANCE. A Compilation For Rojava. started on the 3rd of February. There are 10 tracks in pre-order. The compilation’s minimum price is 25 CHF. Digital release is 10.2.


Release Event: SA 8.2., 13-21.30h, Raumstation, Stationsstrasse 21, Zürich

This is a call for maintaining the international solidarity with the revolution in Rojava. It is a musical interference against the imperialist war machinery, against capitalism. It is campaigning to raise awareness about the struggle of the Kurdish freedom movement.

This compilation of 91 tracks was put together to support the feminist movement in the autonomous area of Northern Syria. All proceeds from the digital sales will be sent directly to the ‚Foundation of the Free Woman in Rojava‘ (Weqfa Jina Azad A Rojava) which is one of the last women’s organization in the area.

Rojava established itself not only in opposition to the Turkish military regime, but also as a grassroots movement redefining the future of the region on its own terms. The Kurdish resistance is advocating for women’s equality, LGBTQIA rights, ecology, sustainability, and democratic confederalism. It has created its own strategies outside western political pressure. The Turkish invasion is not only destroying lives, but also extinguishes any hope for substantial change. The attacking army has superior technology and simply „more of everything“ to suppress the revolution in the cruellest manner. We stand with the resistance in northern Syria and the people who defend their autonomy.

In the wake of being opposed to such an absolute violence, we asked ourselves what can we do to support this struggle? How can we engage our community and our skills to defend Rojava? We feel obliged to point out and continue the emancipating history of club music and how it has been connected to equality and freedom movements since the beginning. With the compilation we spread the idea of Rojava through our networks and on the other hand we try to redistribute resources. Although we choose to make music, sometimes very loud and noisy, we can never cease to listen and learn. The revolution in Rojava shows us how deeply entangled we are in postcolonial relations and motivates us to deconstruct existing conditions and structures. That’s how we understand being an ally.

Because the war against equality and freedom is a war against all of us.


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