SDF: We will turn the Turkish assault on the region into all-out war

North-Press Agency
The head of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) media office Mustafa Bali, has said that if a unilateral military assault is conducted by the Turkish side on the areas of the north and east of the Euphrates, it will be turned into an all-out war against Turkey.
Bali said in a statement to North-Press that the Turkish threats come within the framework of occupying north and eastern Syria, and supporting the Islamic State  (IS) to reorganize itself.
The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced on Saturday that his country „will carry out air and ground operations in the eastern Euphrates in Syria to establish peace there,“ as he said.
The head of the SDF media office pointed out that the Turkish assault on the region will lead to a „military and security vacuum in the liberated areas,“ noting that „a part of the SDF will withdraw from the liberated areas and head for  protecting the border areas in that case,“ Bali said.
He stressed that they, as the SDF, support the political solution and implement what is must be done in accordance with the „security mechanism“, noting at the same time that the Turkish assault  would invalidate the „security mechanism“ agreement.
The Turkish president pointed out that „ground and air patrols are words,“ and said that „talk is over to those who smile in our face and procrastinate us with diplomatic talks under the pretext of keeping our country away from the terrorist organization.“
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